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What Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Oversees Pet Moving Company?

Relocating to another country can be extremely stressful, especially when shifting with family and pets. Regarding pet relocation, there are several considerations, like confusing legislation, unending paperwork, vaccinations, costs, and choosing the right international pet relocation services. Before choosing a specific pet relocation company, homeowners must research thoroughly. There are many overseas pet moving services, but selecting the professional one makes a huge difference. This article enlists some essential questions to ask before zeroing in on the international pet moving company.

Is the Relocation Company an IPATA Member?

IPATA, abbreviated for International Pet Animal and Transportation Association, is an overseas network of pet shippers. These professionals provide a high-standard and compassionate pet moving service worldwide. It’s crucial for pet moving companies to be a member of IPATA.

IPATA members are registered with authorized organizations in their nation and are mandated to follow the IATA (International Air Transport Association) live animal regulations. An IPATA pet relocation company will adhere to these rules, assuring safe and legal transportation of pets.

Does the Company Know the Regulations Related to Pet Travel?

Different countries have specified different rules and regulations for pet travel. And the experienced international pet relocation services will know all related rules and requirements. These professionals must be able to tell their clients all pet relocation-related regulations, such as quarantine or vaccination requirements, pet-friendly airlines, necessary export documents, and more.

Is it a Full-Service Moving Company?

The best overseas pet moving companies will provide a full range of services, including veterinary services, pet boarding facilities, door-to-door delivery, and a 24/7 available team while the pet is in transit.

How Long Do the Company is in Business?

The longer a pet moving company has been in the business, the better it will be at delivering efficient services. One of the most vital considerations is how experienced the team is and how approachable and contactable the company is.

Evaluate if the company’s representative is friendly and open to answering all queries patiently. If a pet relocation company outsources work to other inexperienced pet careers, consider looking for another company.

What Do Their Customers Say About the Company?

One of the most effective ways to know about a company’s reputation and service quality is to read customer reviews. However, sometimes, relocation companies self-publish testimonials and look for comments that could be edited or removed.

So, another better way is to visit overseas pet moving companies’ social media pages. Look what their previous clients say about the company and its services. In case there are negative reviews, check how they have been resolved. Moreover, an individual can ask the company to provide some references for cross-checking.


For many people, their pets are the most precious. And it can make a massive difference if they do not hire the right pet moving company to relocate their pets overseas. Therefore, a person must always research multiple reputed international pet relocation services and ask them the necessary questions. And after comparing all the answers, zero on the company delivering pet-friendly moving services at economical prices.

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