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How to dose CBD properly for cats & dogs?

The popularity of hemp is growing day by day, and pet owners are using CBD oil for the well being of their cats and dogs. The extract of the cannabis plant is a kind of natural remedy for the variety of ailments that cats and dogs suffer from. This growing trend has promoted the options of CBD-infused oral sprays, topical, even the cat & dog treats that have simplified the process of administrating CBD to the pets.

People are becoming curious about the advantages, disadvantages, proper dose, and CBD dosage chart for cats and dogs. The fact is; there is no officially standard dosing guideline of CBD-dosage for cats and dogs, and different CBD products for animals have different concentrations of CBD. That is why it is considered a tough task to figure out the accurate dosage size for your furry friends. But there are some general guidelines available that you can follow. There are some vet-approved dosing calculators also available to help you.

Benefits of CBD for cats & dogs:

CBD is amazingly beneficial for:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Antiemetic
  • Anticancer effect
  • Stress reliever
  • Promotes Homeostasis
  • Powerful painkiller

Things to consider while treating your pets with CBD:

Three main factors can influence the exact dose of CBD for your cat or dog.

  • What CBD product you are using for your pet. CBD is available in three forms CBD-oil, capsules, and treat.
  • The size and weight of your cat or dog.
  • The ailment you are going to use CBD for.

Give your pet the right amount of CBD:

For introducing CBD for the very first time to your cat or dog, there is no way to know about the exact dosage amount until you go through the trial and error method. The best advice is to start it form a shallow dose and then increase its potency with each administration till reaching the ‘’sweet point’’ of your pet.

It is also essential to keep in mind the age, size, weight, and existing health conditions of your dog or cat before starting a dose. Younger cats and dogs may get equally benefited with a low dose of CBD as the more substantial dog get with its high dosage. Similarly, for a dog suffering from seizures or any other medical ailment, the stronger dose of CBD may be needed. It is also necessary to know about the interaction of CBD and any other medicine that your cat or dog is taking.

CBD dosage calculator:

There is a proper CBD dosage chart for cats and dogs available for you, but to make your life, a little relaxed, Mile High Pawducts has introduced a new CBD dosage calculator for your furry friends. You simply need to select the option of your pet, enter the weight of your cat or dog, and finally enter your email address, and this calculator will provide you the recommended dose of CBD oil for your pet. This calculator also gives you low, medium, and high tier dosing with a number of drops for each tire dosing.

Mile High Pawducts is a brand that provides high-quality human-grade CBD products for your pets. Transparency, integrity, and safety are the principles that Mile High Pawducts follow and assure the fantastic benefits of CBD to your loving pets. It is strongly recommended to consult the veterinary professional for introducing CBD to your cat or dog.

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