Thursday, February 22

Choosing The Best Pet Sitting Service

Consider these considerations before deciding whether to put your dog in pet daycare or hire a local in-home pet sitter. In the end, there are five reasons to select in- house & pet sitting in Brisbane over doggy daycare that benefits both parties.

  1. Less Change, Less Stress for Your Pet New places, people, and odors can make some dogs nervous, especially alone. The other animals can be frightening and territorial, making your dog feel uneasy and unwelcome. There are so many new voices to discover. Maybe they’re not all about your dog, but it’s hard to know who to trust. There are also new scents and no place for your dog to call home. Your dog may feel penalized for not being allowed to stay home and be comfortable. Your dog will be happier and more relaxed if you hire an in-home pet sitter; he needs someone to walk him during the day.
  2. No bad habits from other pets. Some doggie daycare centers have surprising practices. Playing with “friends” looks excellent for your dog, but not all pets get along or act like your dog. Plus, certain breeds can pass on harmful habits that you’ve worked hard to teach your dog. Your efforts don’t have to be in vain.

3) Your Pup Might Get Sick- Achoo! Due to the stress of the changes, your dog’s immune system will be weaker. He’d have a more                          challenging time fighting off all the new germs he’d meet at a dog daycare. That implies your dog is more likely to get sick in the first                 several weeks. You don’t want your dog to get ill and have to go to the vet, which no dog enjoys. Your dog is less likely to get sick at                     home if you hire an in-home pet sitting service because he is immune to many germs. In-home pet sitters are mindful of the germs                    they bring in and practice good hygiene.

  1. Your dog can keep a routine. Some owners and their dogs have established practices. It can be as simple as getting up, walking the dog, feeding him food, and playing with him before going to work. Owners that do this to their dogs are known. This may all be maintained while an in-home pet sitter visits your dog for potty breaks and exercise. Dogs are used to routines like this since they are so dependent on humans.
  2. Home Security Upgrades When your in-home pet sitter visits, she inspects your home and yard for your safety and that of your dog. She switches lights and alters window curtains to show the house is not empty all day. A “watch dog” isn’t always enough. Your dog can’t do what your pet sitter can. Your dog would be unable to bark at passers-by, and your home would be more vulnerable to attackers due to its abandonment. Using an in-home pet sitter is a much safer option.

What an in-home pet sitter can do for you and your dog. While a doggy daycare may provide good care for your dog, it cannot secure your home or give the same level of comfort and individual attention.

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