Thursday, September 21

A Better Pet Waste Solution

If you’re a dog lover like us, then you’ve likely dealt with the struggles that come with finding a reliable and convenient way to manage pet waste. It’s a dreaded challenge that owners across the globe face whenever walk time comes around.

At PawPail, we’ve confronted this challenge with an innovative, easy-to-use solution: the PawPail® Pet Waste Station. It’s the most convenient answer to a very tricky problem. Comprised of three different components—the bin, the air filter, and the bag roll—our solution provides safe, environmentally-aware storage for all your pet waste.

Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and Clean

If you’re a homeowner, you don’t want your yard full of harmful dog waste. When you dispose of pet waste in typical waste storage bins, the contents fester and trap harmful odors until trash day rolls around. These smells won’t be contained, and you can forget about keeping your trash bin inside your garage. This gets even worse during the summer months. Stop tossing the bags on your front step or in a shrub– your neighbors and community will thank you!

What homeowners need is a dog poop trash can that stores pet waste responsibly, prevents obnoxious odors from escaping, and is small enough so it be used anywhere. The PawPail system is designed to be an all-in-one pet waste station that provides convenience with a modern, portable design.

Living in an apartment, condo or town home? If your community dog run is inconvenient, get yourself a PawPail and keep it just outside your door or on your balcony/patio. You’ll stay warm and dry the next time it’s pouring rain or it’s freezing cold outside! PawPail is also fantastic for storing pee pads while controlling odors.

And It’s Not Just For Homes!

Pet-focused businesses like veterinarians, rescue shelters, retail pet stores, groomers and doggy daycare providers also need a durable dog waste container system. With such a high volume of animal customers, normal disposal bins cause a build-up of smelly odors, and require frequent emptying and cleaning.

Own a pet-friendly restaurant, café or coffee shop? When pet-owning customers visit, they need more than a water bowl. Ensure you maintain a sanitary dining environment while making it easy for your guests to curb their pets.

Dogs and other pets are starting to become more and more integrated into everyday working life, and for office-based small businesses that want a clean property, our system is absolutely perfect. Offices love that PawPail provides dog poop bags, waste storage and odor protection in one convenient, portable design. Employees will be happy to have their furry friends by their side and your office will remain clean and odor free!


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