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How to choose food and toys for your pup? Things to consider

There are many variants in dog food in the market these days. However, everything will not be suitable for your dog. So choosing the right food for your dog is more important to give your dog proper nutrients, immunity, and proper digestion. Let us have a few points to consider when choosing online dog food, treats and toys.

This is the first and most important thing when choosing food for dogs is to Consider your dog’s age, breed, and activity… If the dog is a new mom then you have to give more calories to them than on regular days. If the dog is older you need to feed the dog to maintain its weight. And hyperactive dogs need more calorie food than less active dogs.

All food dog brands have different nutritional values on their bags, packages, and cans. You can see a table listing all the nutrients as per recommended serving per day. It is important to know the nutrition values to know whether your dog is getting enough nutrients a day. It is of utmost importance to find a brand that brings benefits to your pet.

Treats and Toys come after food for dogs, toys are not luxury but a necessity for your pets. They are important for dogs’ health, they help your pet fight boredom when the dog is alone at home. It also makes them feel comfortable when they are nervous.

Ensure safety

Many factors need to be considered for the safety of a dog and most of these toys depend upon your dog size, activity level, and performance. Always guide your dog when it is playing with squeaky toys. Because the dog feels the necessity to destroy ad squeaky material and if it is unwatched the pup may eat it.

There are three kinds of treats and toys that include:

  • Active toys
  • Distractions toys and
  • Comfort toys.

1. Active toys:

These toys are made of hard rubber which is available in many sizes and shapes and they are also fun for chewing and carrying around for dogs. Your pets feel the Tug of war when chewing. They are usually available in bone shape with ends knotted.

2. Distractions toys

These are filled with broken treats which keep your dog entertained and busy all day. By moving around these toys with their nose, paws, and mouth your dog gets good feelings and is also entertained at the same time.

These are also known as soft toys, which are good for your pup for various reasons. But also know that it doesn’t suit all kinds of dogs. Make sure to buy something which fits your dog’s breed and its activities.

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