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What Services Do Catteries Provide?

If you are planning to go on holiday, a cattery might be a great place for your beloved cat while you are gone.

A cattery will provide love and care to your pet while you are away so you can feel comfortable that they are properly looked after.

This is often preferred over leaving them with family or friends, as catteries are trained to take care of your pet properly and they have go for long stays if needed.

Services Provided by Catteries

  1. Introduction and Monitoring

When your cat is first dropped off at the cattery, it will be given its own space while it gets settled in.

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas

Every cattery will have a range of indoor and outdoor play areas that have tunnels and structures for the cats to climb on and amuse themselves with.

  1. Play Toys and Scratch Polls

There will be a range of toys for the cats to play with. Some will have catnip in them as well to ensure the cats really enjoy playing with them.

Scratch polls are essential and will always be plentiful in any cattery as they love to use these to look after their claws. It also allows them to stretch themselves out.

  1. Breakfast and Dinner

Breakfast will usually be provided early in the morning around 7am. In the afternoon around 4pm, they will be brought back inside for dinner.

If your cat has any specific dietary requirements, you need to make sure that the staff knows during the introduction so they can feed your cat properly.

The cattery will have a range of both dry and wet food available and they will ask you which one you prefer them to use when feeding your pet.

  1. Love and Affection

An important part of any cattery is having friendly staff who love cats that will be able to offer love and affection to your pet while you are away on holiday. This will help keep your pet from getting lonely while you are gone. They will also provide some basic grooming if it’s safe to do so.

Enjoy Peace of Mind While On Holiday

Those are the main services that every cattery should be offering, you will want to look at a few different catteries to see what each one offers specifically before making any final decisions. Check for a local cattery near you that is in a quiet location, out of the city.

Now you can enjoy your holiday stress free, knowing your pet is properly taken care of while you are gone.

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