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History movies, also called Epic Films, are movies that usually take a historical, legendary event, or sometimes an imagined occurrence, and add lavish costumes and an extravagant setting, accompanied by magnificence and spectacle all cloaked in an embracing musical score. These movies recreate the past events, and they are very expensive to produce; they require complex panoramic settings, on-site filming, excessive action on a massive scale, large casts of characters, and genuine period costumes.

Think of some of the greatest history movies, such as Helen of Troy (1956), Spartacus (1960), and the more modern film, Gladiator. These movies are all set in the period, that we do not really know that much about, so the movies had to be made with a little help of imagination to make them into the successful motion picture. Maybe you are more familiar with the adaptations; the movie Troy, and 300 were a great success, thanks to a few special effects, and a larger budget. And who can forget the famous words ‘’They may take out lives, but they can never take our freedom’’ said by Mel Gibson in the character of Scottish rebel leader William Wallace in one of the most memorable history movies: Braveheart. Movies like these show, that history can be recreated to a certain point, but there has to be some imaginative writing included to make a truly unforgettable film. If you liked these movies, you might also like Dances with the Wolves, The Patriot, We Are Soldiers, and even The Last of the Mohicans.

Another branch of history movies are films that recreate particular events that took place during different wars around the world. Schindler’s List might be the most striking one, since it talks about a very sensitive and brutal part of the WWII. Other great movies, recreating war history are definitely Memphis Belle, A Bridge Too Far, and Life is Beautiful.

Yes, like any other movie genre, history movies have a lot more to offer than we can imagine. And if you like a strong movie, that show a different side of the war, may I suggest The Seasoning House; a story about a deaf and mute orphan whose parents, along with many others, were killed by soldiers who then take in young girls for personal pleasure, and her plan of revenge. This is a movie that really stays with you, because it gives an insight into some events that might have taken place ‘’behind the scenes’’ of the war.

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