Thursday, February 22

Matt Davies Harmony Communities Unveils Ideas for Pet-Friendly Adventures in Fall and Winter


There’s no denying that winter has turned up. According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, while the temperature has dropped a few degrees and we have few or no warm days and more cold air, there is no shortfall of fun, pet-friendly events, places to explore, and new stuff to try. For pet lovers like us, our favorite fun-loving pets don’t just soothe our hearts all year. They have health and mood-boosting properties that keep us engaged, creative, and intuitive.

And, just like humans, pets have various preferences and personalities, so when selecting or trying an activity, make sure it fits their personality. So, to get you through the winter, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of events, indoor-outdoor exercises, and do-it-yourself activities. Perfect for any fun-loving creature, big or small, looking for something unique to sink their teeth into.

  1. Make the Ideal Treat – Lockdown isn’t the only time to prepare something. The aroma of freshly baked treats will keep you warm this winter. Prepare a tasty Muttloaf and pair it with a refreshing Watermelon Cocktail for a fancy sit-down dinner with your dog. If your dog still has room for dessert, serve him a Peanut Butter Delight Biscuit.
  2. Pet Pampering Night at Home – With an at-home spa night, you can maintain your furbaby looking good from head to paw. Begin with a gentle rub to assist them in relaxing, and then scrub. Put peanut butter on the side of the tub for dogs. During the winter, your pet’s paws require extra attention, so keep them moisturized with paw balm. Finish by clipping their nails and rewarding your furbaby with a treat.
  3. Put on Your Artistic Hat and Get to Work – Have you spent hours searching the web for the perfect bandana? To get started, go to the best one, purchase your desired pattern, and watch a tutorial. Make a matching collar out of leftover fabric to finish your pet’s outfit.

You can even repurpose old toys to create something new to keep your pet entertained. Make a new ball and tug toy out of a t-shirt, a tennis ball, and some scissors. Is your dog obsessed with plastic water bottles? Make a new and improved water bottle toy with leftover fabric.

  1. Consider Scavenger Hunt at Home – A thrilling scavenger hunt will put your pet’s detective skills to the test. Spreading treats around the house is a simple way to increase your pet’s enrichment. Do you have a rabbit? Try hiding its food inside an object to stimulate its senses! Use some of your pet’s favorite toys to spice things up.
  2. Do Friendly-Hikes – Explore a dog-friendly park with your dog in the late winter and see the vibrant wildflowers. This walk is ideal for first-timers. With birdlife and a variety of native plants, your pup will have a ball sniffing everything nature has to offer.
  3. Explore a Dog-Friendly Winter Dreamland – Switch the fast-paced city life for a relaxing time with your best friend in the snowfields. Run through the snow with your dog at one of the best snow play areas! Choose the ideal place to hone your dog’s snow sports skills from a plethora of dog-friendly lodging options.


These Matt Davies Harmony Communities ideas should have sparked your imagination and provided insight for some pet-friendly adventures this fall and winter. Of course, you can start planning your spring and summer vacations now.

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