Thursday, February 22

Common Canine Health Concerns and Solutions

We love them and care for them like members of our family because that is exactly what they are. Dogs are most than just a pet or furry companion. As their owners, it is our responsibility to care for them and provide treatment as needed. Just like humans, our pets have annoying ongoing health issues that, while serious, are not life-threatening. Caring for these minor conditions can be done at home or in a veterinary office if the problem persists. Here are some common issues at their matching remedy.

Itchy Skin

The tricky part of having a dog with itchy skin is that there can be many causes. Food allergies, fleas, hot spots, and infection are the primary options. The simplest solution is to begin by changing the dog’s diet and see if the problem improves. Try simple ingredient kibble that is wheat free. If there is an improvement but still itching switch to completely grain-free food and it might completely go away. In the event, the diet change doesn’t work than the dog can be brought to veterinarian services st petersburg fl and be treated.


Vomiting, swollen stomach, low energy, and bottom scooting are some of the common symptoms of a dog with worms. The most obvious way of checking for worms is to look at their fecal matter. Visible white worms are a dead giveaway. Over the counter deworming medications work like a charm and are inexpensive. The medicine is added to the food or drink and works to remove the worms through waste. It works pretty quickly unless there is an extreme case.


A flea-ridden dog is miserable. The pests bite the dog, the dog itches and bites themselves, and the process continues to worsen without treatment. Start with a flea bath followed by combing. This will need to be done multiple times most likely. The current flea prevention treatment may no longer be working. Switch to a vet recommended option like a pill that fights fleas from the inside, out. Other choices include topical ointments and flea repellent collars.


Overweight dogs are undoubtedly adorable, but all that extra weight they carry around is bad for their health. The excess pounds can cause joint pain, diabetes, and other major health problems. There are many “diet” dog foods to select between. Aside from changing their food, reducing the portions to the recommended amount for their breed and size will help. Lastly, more exercise will help them become healthier and more active.

Your dog relies on you for everything- shelter, food, and healthcare. Common ailments for canines include itchy skin, worms, fleas, and obesity. Each of these issues can be treated at home or at the veterinarian. A change in diet can help treat itchiness and help the dog to lose weight. Over the counter medications can treat fleas and worms. A veterinarian can step in and assist with any issue that doesn’t get better with home treatment.

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