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Ease of relocation: How to train your dog for travel

Travelling with your pet can be both exciting yet stressful. If you are moving into a new place which requires several hours of rigorous travelling and transportation, make sure your pet is thoroughly trained and adapted to such a situation beforehand.

Listed below are some of the tips to train your pet for a peaceful relocation :

  • Introduce them to a kennel

Whether you are taking your pet by yourself or handing them over to a professional pet relocation company, introducing them to a kennel is extremely important and vital. If your pet will be travelling in a kennel make sure you bring one home and start making them accustomed to sleep and play inside it.

How to make the best use of a kennel :

  1. Lay the bottom portion of the kennel or the crate in your living area, where your pet spends most of his time.
  2. Gradually, they will get used to it.
  3. Now add the upper portion of the crate and observe its reaction.
  4. Once your dog is comfortable, put the door. 

  • Start training

Whether you follow a rigorous training or slow training, make sure you start the process weeks before the final day of relocation.  Make the best use of the travel crate and ensure you buy the right size of the crate making it a comfortable travelling experience for your pet. Train your pets to stay in a place without any human interaction for long, put them in a closed black space with food and toys. Making your pets follow these activities will not only make them efficient and capable enough for long travel but also help them become more active and agile in their daily routine.

  • Conquer Anxiety

Once you have trained your pet for a comfortable travelling inside a kennel, it is time for you to conquer their anxiety and stress. Pets tend to understand their owner and their behaviour more than how humans do, and therefore, understanding how to tackle your pet’s anxiety and stress during relocation comes out to be extremely essential and vital for your efficient travelling.

Things that will help conquer your pet’s anxiety:

  1. Try placing toys and treats inside the crate
  2. Make them listen to slow music
  3. Try putting the food bowl inside the kennel and observe its reaction.

  • Monitor your pet’s food and water consumption

As a pet owner, it is necessary for you to look after your pets food and water consumption weeks before the final day of relocation. Make sure you carry all your pets favourite food and toys when travelling.

Things to carry when travelling with a pet :

  1. Bed and Crate
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Tags
  4. Vaccination Box
  5. Food and water
  6. Safety restraints
  • Hire a professional pet relocation company

One of the best ways to get away with the hassle of carrying your pet with yourself during relocation is to hire a professional pet relocation company like, Pets By Plane, that will ensure an on-time, hassle free and a well-managed transportation of your pet.

Benefits of hiring a pet relocation company :

  1. Use of suitable air routers and carriers
  2. Complete care of the pets
  3. Strict regulations covering animal transport
  4. The right choice of air kennels
  5. Comfortable travelling
  6. On-time and hassle service

These are some of the most critical and crucial tips to be followed when planning for relocation. A professional pet relocation company will take care of everything from your pets first potty break to its anxiety problems. The above-listed points are some of the tried and true tips to be followed at the time of a pet relocation.


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