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Marijuana may sound like a strange treatment for dogs, but its biology says otherwise. The CBD may be able to relax and calm our pets, something very useful for stressful situations such as pyrotechnic shows.

The night of the bonfires and that time around her is an endearing time for the whole family. Observing the sky shining with all the colors of the rainbow, listening to the explosions and appreciating the smell of gunpowder bring us nostalgic memories. Whether it’s the night of San Juan in Spain, the Bonfire Night in the United Kingdom, on July 4 in the United States, the festivities of our town or the night of the end of the year, are celebrations that revolve around the pyrotechnic shows that they hypnotize and prepare us for the festive atmosphere. That said, there are members of many families who fear those times of the year. It fills them with fear and confusion, making them run nervous or hides and trembles with anguish. The family member we refer to is, obviously, your dog.

It has been detected that American veterinary hospitals receive an increase of visits of 25% during the festivity of July 4. This is, in part, caused by the stress to which the extremely sensitive organs of dogs are subjected when exposed to the thunderous sounds of fireworks.

The CBD treat is demonstrating great potential in this regard, as a natural medicine capable of calming anxiety in both humans and dogs. It can surprise many people, but dogs can feel the same benefits of marijuana as you and me. Find CBD Treats Here.

Well, the reason why cannabinoids such as THC and CBD have profound effects in humans is due to several receptor sites in our bodies that make up what we call the cannabinoid system, located throughout the body in areas such as the nervous system, brain, organs or connective tissues. It has been shown that when cannabinoids react with these receptors, a series of biological benefits take place. However, man is not the only species that possesses such an important and fascinating system. In fact, all types of vertebrate species share the cannabinoid system as a fundamental part of their organism and its adaptation. Yes, this includes your dog.

Does this mean that you have to place your dog at the time of celebrations to prevent it from becoming violent or having a severe anxiety crisis? No way. THC is the main cannabinoid in the most cultivated marijuana strains, as it is the molecule responsible for the psychoactive “high” of cannabis and has both recreational and medicinal applications in humans. The CBD cannabinoid, more and more recognized, is not psychoactive, but it does not mean that it does not have medicinal properties. For this reason it is recommended to use the latter as a cannabinoid for dogs. Other reasons are the difficulty to calculate the dose that your dog would need, and that we would enter into ethical aspects if we talk about altering the state of consciousness of your pet, since they do not have the capacity to make decisions.

People begin to discover that marijuana has a place in veterinary pharmacopaedia. Many are resorting to CBD extracts to treat sick animals, especially to relieve unbearable pain. This wonderful molecule can also help to calm the anxiety of pets, which makes it very useful to have it on hand at the time of the parties in your neighborhood.

It has also been discovered that CBD works wonders on people who suffer from anxiety . The good news is that it seems to have the same effect on dogs .

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