Thursday, February 22

6 Ways by Which You Can Protect Your Dog At Home

Despite the hairballs, shedding and the litter, we all love our furry family members. Dogs are the best companions, and we should protect them. Whether you are going out from your home or staying in, you must keep your pet healthy and protected. Several factors can harm your pet like the extreme weather conditions, dust particles, allergens or even the strong fragrances. There are chances of thieves to take your pet away. So, not only you should provide your dog with the right amount of food, you should protect him from danger too.

 Here are some of the popular ways by which you can protect your pet at home-

  1. Avoid the artificial fragrances

We know that the powerfully scented carpet powders, sprays and the candles help to keep the pet odours away, but they contain harmful chemicals that the pet breathe in. But, you can reduce the use of the chemical by baking soda. It is inexpensive and reduces the strong pet odour. Baking soda contains no harsh chemicals and acts as the natural deodorizer.

  1. Protect dog from harsh environmental conditions

Whether it is raining heavily outside or there is too much sunlight, your pet can stay inside the wooden dog house. You can place the dog house in your lawn area. The house protects the pet from the external environmental factors and insects. You can buy the wooden house or other dog supplies online at a lower price than the market.

  1. Choose healthy pet food

One of the best ways by which you can keep your pet healthy and strong is to provide him with healthy food. You can consult with the vet regarding the type of food you can give to your animal. Follow the strict instructions regarding the pet diet as mentioned by the vet and provide it to your dog.

  1. Keep the lawn green

Most of the homeowners nowadays use the insecticides and the pesticides to keep the lawn green. However, these chemicals damage the nervous system of the pet. So, it is better to keep the lawn clean organically. You can hire the professionals who will come at your place and trim the grasses in your lawn and will throw away the waste and fallen leaves.

  1. Use the plant-based litter

It is better to avoid the non-biodegradable clay kitty litter and use the plant-based litter that is made with the wheat or the whole-kernel. The clay-based cat litter cause serious environmental damage. Even they also contain the silica gel that largely affects animals as well as human beings.

  1. Protection from thieves or larger animals

If you have brought a small puppy at your home and you want to protect him from the thieves or the larger animals, you can use the dog kennel. They are available in various sizes and shapes as per your requirement.

These are some of the ways by which you can protect your dog at home. If you want to know about a reliable website offering best dog kennels, houses and sheds, you can check the website of Treasurebox that provides huge varieties of items for your pets.


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