Tuesday, November 28

4 Things Your Puppy Can’t Live Without

Puppies are wonderful bundles of joy that make each day as interesting and exciting as the last, but they require specific items to ensure they stay healthy and live a happy life. Many people welcome a puppy to their homes without doing the necessary research beforehand and its extremely important to do so. From the food they eat to the toys they play with; you need to ensure your puppy has the right products to give them the balanced diet and active lifestyle they need whilst growing and learning.

Puppy Food

Ensuring your puppy has the right diet from the very first day is essential. Puppy food is packed full of nutrients that your puppy requires for a healthy, balanced diet that is going to support them during their growth. With higher levels of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, and chloride, puppy food provides so much more than adult food which will ensure your puppy grows to be a strong and happy dog. To support your puppy’s development, take a look at the different types of puppy food available, with a huge range to browse through here, to find out which will suit your puppy best.

Toys and Treats

Puppies absolutely love to play and it’s not always practical to spend hours on end playing tug of war or fetch with your playful pup, so it’s worth investing in some quality puppy toys for them to play with. Soft toys are a great addition to your puppy’s toy collection, as not only do they provide a soft toy to play with, they also bring your pet joy from an endless supply of cuddles. Puppies love nothing more than to snuggle down in their bed with their favourite soft toy! You then have a selection of tougher toys for your puppy to enjoy, from durable KONG toys with mystery treats, to squeaky toys and tough ropes for them to play tug of war with. You can find a huge selection of quality dog toys online here, which will provide hours of entertainment for your four-legged friend.

Grooming Essentials

As your puppy grows, so will their coat. It doesn’t matter how long or short haired your puppy will be, their fur will begin to grow, and you need a selection of grooming essentials to keep their crazy hair at bay. Alongside the right brushes for your dog’s coat, you should also look at investing in the right shampoo to keep your puppy’s fur fresh and clean, as well as looking after their skin too. There are lots of great products available from retailers like Animology where you can choose the right type of shampoo for your dog.

Cosy Bedding

Your puppy needs a space they can curl up and sleep where they feel safe and secure, so investing in a quality cosy bed for them is extremely beneficial. Position the bed wherever you wish your puppy to sleep throughout the night as this will encourage them to stay in one place when everyone else is asleep. There are lots of different bed styles, from mattress styles to padded quilts so do a little research and find out which bed you think will be best suited to your puppy. You can make the space even cosier with a snuggly blanket and soft toys for your puppy to cosy up with.

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