Thursday, February 22

10 Things to keep in mind before buying a dog

How many times have we passed in front of a pet store and have we become infatuated with the puppy behind the glass? Sometimes we follow our impulses and we do not stop to think about the responsibility that comes with purchasing a pet. That is why it is very important to keep in mind certain issues before starting to buy a new pet. Here is a summary of the 5 most important points to consider before buying a dog on Nigeria pet market:

1. I have time to take care of him

This would be the first question we should ask ourselves. Dogs, like other pets, require time. But when we talk about dogs, we must bear in mind that they need more attention than other animals since we have to go out with them every day several times. If you or your family are not willing to do so, then it is better to think of another pet that is easier to care for.

2. Which dog suits me best?

To know, which is our ideal pet we can start by asking what kind of dog we want and above all, how much space we have? Choosing a dog based on these two simple questions can save many later problems. Do we live in a small apartment or do we have a villa with a garden? Do we want a very active and awake dog or do we prefer a quieter breed that keeps us company? Large breeds need more living space to feel comfortable, while medium or small breeds adapt well to life in a smaller space. There are also certain breeds of extremely active dogs that need constant action while others are more likely to take life calmly. Keep in mind what is most convenient for your dog before making a decision.
3. I must buy or adopt

Another option that we often forget is adoption. There are thousands of dogs in the municipal kennels and in the associations waiting to be adopted. We can find from newborn puppies to dogs that need a new home because their owners have abandoned them. Without a doubt, adoption is a very interesting option if you want a faithful friend and also like to carry out good deeds. Find out on the internet about the associations or kennels closest to your home and ask there; they will update you on everything related to adoption and they will thank you for your help in rescuing one of the many animals that need it.
4. The needs of the dog

The first thing we should think about when bringing a pet to our house is: What will you need? To cover the basic needs of our pet will require external elements to help us to take care of it. In the case of dogs, you should prepare a feeder and a drinker appropriate for dog size, a basket or a cushion where it can sleep comfortably, a strap and a necklace or harness to go out for a walk, treats for when we want to show you something , for example, to urinate in the street. And of course do not forget two essential elements, especially when they are puppies: a lot of patience and a lot of love.

5. Veterinary expenses

Sometimes we forget that any pet carries some expenses: food, toys and of course, vaccines. We must bear this in mind before making the decision to acquire a dog. The visits to the veterinarian will be more frequent at the beginning if it is a puppy, but once you have all your vaccinations in order, you will only need to visit once a year. We must also assume the risk that some dogs suffer from diseases that will force us to visit the veterinarian more than expected. Another expense to consider is that of the dog groomingif our dog has long hair, because when summer comes you appreciate a good shave.

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